Top Mount


EcoTop is suitable for new and existing swimming pools with maximum dimensions of 6 x 14m. (W x L). Ecotop is available in 2 versions: standard with power supply from technical room with 2 white aluminum supports, and photovoltaic solar panel making the system independent of main power supply. Stainless steel support covered with white PVC caps

Standard: white or sand colored slats. Solar or transparent slats are not possible as the roller shaft is not protected from the sun.

EcoTop can be operated with a key switch. The end positions are mechanical programmable. The mechanical end switches can be adjusted with a BTR key or hexagonal instrument. Make sure there are no obstacles that could interfere with the slatted cover. The foundation for installing the roller mechanism has to be solid. Coping stones may have to be cut to make way for the slats.

Top mount

The top mount mechanism is ideal for existing swimming pools up to 10m wide. The slats roll up on a stainless steel tube standing behind the pool. The surface were the supports will be mounted must be flat and sufficient strength for anchoring. In case of overhanging coping stones, these must be cut out locally. The motor is external electric or hydraulic.

The roller mechanism can be covered with a white PVC or a wooden bench. Maximum length of the bench = 6m!