One electrical control box for all our versions! It simplifies the installation of the cover and limits your stock of spare parts.

Our control box is equipped with an LCD screen which guides you through an installation menu. Different languages are available.

The control box can optionally be equipped with a plug and play remote control including a relay card allowing you to turn on programmable outputs: Switch off the filtration pump while the cover is moving, switch on the spots while the cover is open are only a few of the possibilities of this relay card.


In-roller motor

Motor built into the roller shaft with 140, 250 or 500Nm of torque. The motor runs on 24V DC at 3-4 rpm and is compliant to IP68. The motor cable is 10m long

External motor electric

The motor is placed in an external pit next to the pool. T&A supplies a wall duct for the drive shaft depending on the wall thickness. The motor (120, 250 or 500Nm) on 24V, IP 55, 3-4 rpm cannot be submerged in the water. Install a pump or drainpipe to avoid water damage. Since 2013 we supply the external motors with a prewired cable (2m long).

External motor hydraulic



We use high quality raw materials for all our products. The top mount roller mechanism is in stainless steel 304L or in anodized aluminum for EcoTop. The underwater roller mechanism is in stainless steel 316L (V4A)
316L stainless steel is a high quality stainless steel. It is important that the water quality at the following requirements:

  • PH: 7.0 – 7.6
  • Tmax: 35°C
  • Total amount of salt compounds (chlorides): <5000 ppm
  • Fe: < 0.2 mg/l à don’t fill pools with well water

It’s also important to avoid galvanic corrosion. Bring no other metals in contact with the stainless steel. Also avoid contamination and damage of the stainless steel parts.

Some systems of water treatment require grounding to avoid stray currents. Stray currents can cause corrosion.

Corrosion due to improper use can’t be a reason for warranty.
Our wooden gratings are made of tropical wood (IPé). Panels and benches are made of plastic or fiberglass available in different RAL colors.