New anti-algae slat with hail certificate !

T&A has contacted an independent laboratory in Switzerland to determine the hail resistance of its slats. Very precise spheres of ice are launched onto the profiles to find the weak spots. There are 3 criteria: waterproofness, mechanical resistance and aesthetic preservation after impact. The tests show that the T&A profile remains perfectly intact after impact of ø3cm hailstones. The mechanical resistance goes up to ø5cm which is even bigger than a golf ball!

New showroom

After investing a lot in production to optimize capacity, lead times and product quality, T&A now also invested in its showroom. We not only doubled the surface of the showroom, we built a concrete overflow pool with an integrated automatic AquaTop and AquaGuard safety cover. This showroom is available for our dealers and we use it as a test pool for new products and developments.

New wall duct for automatic covers with in-roller motor

This part in stainless steel AISI 316L is available in 3 lengths (250, 300 and 400m) and it can be integrated in the mold of a concrete pool. The set is compatible with tiled & liner pools and includes all accessories to mount it.