AquaTop offers the most extensive range of slatted covers on the European market: dimensions up to 12.5 x 50 meter, different drives, several installation methods and options.

Quality Product

  • High grade stainless steel 316L
  • Choice of electrical motors on 24V and hydraulic drives
  • User-friendly control box with LCD screen and plug-and-play remote control for optimal comfort


AquaTop slats are available in PVC and Polucarbonate (PC) with higher UV-resistance. PC slats are more capable of handling extreme weather thanks to the superior characteristics of this material. The durable PC slats are available in transparant, solar, and solar aluminium look.

This solar variant has a transparant top layer and a black bottom layer to absorb sunrays optimally. This ecological way of heating your pool water with 4-8°C on average is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet.

Aluminium look

Polycarbonate "Alu-look" solar slats give your pool that extra touch. They have two more advantages in respect to the regular solar slat:

  • Condensation in the slat and dirt is less visible
  • Algae growth is reduced to a minimum


AquaTop offers safety for the entire family! Optionally manual or automatic locks are available to make the cover compliant to the French safety norm. Watch a video on our automatic TopLock system on YouTube!

Installation methods

An Aquatop cover can be integrated into your swimming pool in various aesthetic ways. For existing pools we have a number of top mount versions available. Choose you personal finishing made to size!



Coverwash is an automatic cleaning system for the AquaTop slatted cover. By using a high pressure pump and special nozzles, controlled by the standard control box, the slats will be cleaned each time the cover is opened or closed.


TopLock is a fully automatic system to secure the AquaTop cover when it is closed. It is driven by the control box of the cover. Securing the cover when it is closed makes your cover conform with the very strict French norm NF P 90-308.


Top'Moov is a mobile version of the top mount AquaTop slatted cover. This makes it possible to cover pools with special shapes. On top of this advantage the rollup mechanism can be rolled away from the pool after opening the cover, this keeps the full length of the pool available for swimming. Top'Moov uses a low voltage motor powered by solar energy.

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