New Premium Clean Profile :

The new "premium Clean Profile" is available in 2 versions : Solar and Look Aluminium. This new profile is 67,5mm wide and 16,5mm high, offering you many advantages :

- Minimal algae growth by blocking the sunlight in the hinge of the profile

- Easy to maintain thanks to end caps with cutouts for cleaning

- 25% more buoyancy - increased safety

- Profile out of impact-resistant polycarbonate

- Tri-extrusion profile with UV cap layer

- For new and replacement cover, compatible with all top mount and integrated covers

- installation : click or slide


Classic Slat 60x14mm :

The Aquatop slats are made of PVC or PC with 3 waterproof chambers for a perfect insulation. Their improved UV-resistance guarantees a long lifespan. They reduce evaporation and heat losses up to 80%. The standard slats are 60mm wide and 14mm thick.

Insulation specifications: λ = 0,07W/mK R = 0,22m²K/W

The slats are available in different colors (white, grey, beige, blue, solar and transparent). We recommend to use transparent slats for indoor pools only. The solar slats are able to warm up the pool water with 5°C on a sunny day. The transparent and solar slats do not comply with the French standard NF P 90-308.

Except transparent and solar slats in PVC, we have since 2010 also transparent and solar slats in polycarbonate (PC). Since 2013 we expanded our color range with “aluminum look” polycarbonate slats.



Polycarbonate slats offering higher shock resistance (442 J/m) making them hail resistant and a better resistance to lower and higher temperatures (-130/+120°C). Therefore they can also be used in southern countries.

Weight PVC slats: 4.4kg/m² - Weight PC slats: 3.2kg/m²

Expected lifespan PVC slats: 10 – 15 years (non-translucent PVC) and 8 - 10 years (transparent and solar PVC). Expected lifespan PC slats: 12 – 15 years.

Our end caps are fixed with silicone and their rounded shape protects the liner. The slats are water- but not airtight. Condensation in the slats is normal, inevitable and visible in solar and transparent slats. The end caps have on opening making it easier to clean the slats.

Our slats roll up in both ways. For indoor pools scale can appear on the slats. Cover Cleaner can be used to clean them. For outdoor pools algae growth can appear in the slats. Therefore it is very important to keep the slats clean throughout the year. We have developed also an automatic cleaning device “Coverwash”. For more info please contact our sales team at The slats are easy to install (click or slide).

Do not place any obstacles in the sidewalls that can interfere with the cover such as skimmers, ladders, etc.