Construction Aquafloor


The most common finishing is with ceramic tiles 20mm thick (max. 50kg/m²) supported on tile supports. There are other finishing possibilities of course, such as natural stone, terrace boards, etc., but they can only be used on condition that those materials are suited for long-term immersion in swimming pool water.


The underfloor consists of a custom-made sandwich panel 80mm thick with a U-value of 0.36 W/m²K. The core of this panel consists of XPS insulation material with an outer edge made of recycled PET bottles. Furthermore, the panel is provided with a Polyester top and bottom layer.

To ensure smooth water displacement, the underfloor covers +-90% of the pool surface. This achieves a final U-value of 0.4 W/m²K. With an AquaFloor movable floor, you will extend your swimming season and minimise energy losses!


The coated construction of AquaFloor is a modular system. A thermoplastic coating with a high layer thickness provides high quality corrosion protection and is resistant to acids and alkalis. All parts that cannot be coated due to tolerances etc. are made of high quality AISI316 stainless steel.

The advantage of the modular construction is that an AquaFloor can be delivered to the site fully assembled and can be easily installed in the pool. For larger pools or locations that are difficult to access, the construction is transported in several parts, after which the complete assembly takes place on site.