T&A offers an extensive range of possibilities to integrate the AquaTop cover. New or existing, we have a solution for your pool. We offer you a unique customized cover!




The slats of the AquaTop automatic pool cover are made out of extruded PVC or PC (polycarbonate) profiles. Polycarbonate slats offering higher shock resistance (442 J/m) making them hail resistant and a better resistance to lower and higher temperatures (-30/+120°C). Therefore they can also be used in southern countries.
The most popular slats are solar slats with a transparent top layer and a black lower side optimizing the capture of sun light. The ecologic and economic way of heating can make increase your pool water temperature with 4 to 8°C. Solar slats do not meet the French safety standard NF P 90-308. Learn more +


• High quality stainless steel mechanism AISI 316L
• Low voltage 24 electric drive or hydraulic motor
• User-friendly control box with LCD interface


AquaTop offers increased safety for the entire family. To ensure this safety a lock needs to be placed at the far end of the cover. This lock can be a simple manual system or completely automatic using our TopLock device.