T&A launches AquaFloor, the movable floor that turns your swimming pool into an insulating terrace in no time!


T&A has been producing automatic swimming pool covers for almost 30 years and recently took over the Morgana Floor company located in Vorselaar. The company, led by Johan Moortgat, has about ten years of experience in movable swimming pool floors and fits perfectly within our group. The product, named AquaFloor, also fits perfectly into our range of high-quality covers that have quality, safety and durability as their main goals.

A unique pool floor that insulates perfectly

During the development of the AquaFloor, special attention is being paid to the insulation factor. An insulating layer is provided in each floor, providing a U-value of 0.4 W/m²K and depending on the model and size of the pool, will guarantee payback times between four to seven years. Soon our customers will be able to simulate this through an online tool, as to find out exactly how much can be saved per year. With an AquaFloor you can extend your swimming season and minimize energy losses!

Easily adjustable

A movable floor is not just a cover. As it can be blocked at any desired height, it will allow you to create extra terrace space when blocked in the highest position or convert the pool into a children's play pool when positioned just below surface. Thanks to the technical concept, which makes use of natural buoyancy, this can be done steplessly without holes or other fixing points in the walls of the swimming pool. All that needs to be installed are anchoring points in the pool floor.

Comfort & Premium model

We have 2 models available, notably AquaFloor Comfort and AquaFloor Premium. The big difference between the two is the loading capacity. The Comfort model can take up to 50 kg/m², sufficient to safely walk and stand on when closed, but not sufficient to really set up an extra terrace or organize a party on it.

However, all this is possible with the Premium model, which has a load capacity of at least 200 kg/m² thanks to an additional mechanical locking system. The premium version is also equipped with a PLC control and can be monitored remotely. Both types are suitable for a multitude of swimming pools. The floors can be integrated without any problem in skimmer, overflow and underflow pools with, for the time being, a maximum surface area of 100m². This does not only concern concrete swimming pools, but also, for example, prefabricated pools in polypropylene or stainless steel. Free shapes can also be covered. In the end, each floor is completely custom-made, with a finishing of your choice and, if desired, the floor can be provided with an integrated staircase.

Comfort & Safety

The electric drive on a low safety voltage is operated with simple push buttons that should be located near the pool. When closing, the last part is done in dead man's operation and with a view of the pool to avoid the risk of entrapment.


We also take care of the installation. The swimming pool builder does all the preparations needed based on detailed specifications. For example, extra depth must be provided for the mechanism of the floor. For a comfort model, this is 30 cm, while for a premium model it is 75 cm. In addition, a wall duct must also be provided for power and control cables. We offer a maintenance contract for the annual technical inspection and maintenance. This way the pool owner can enjoy the AquaFloor for a long time and without worries.


If interested, you can contact your contact person within T&A or via sales@aquafloor.be.
We will then contact you as soon as possible!