There are 2 types available, notably AquaMove Comfort, Select and Premium. The big difference between the two is the loading capacity.

However, all this is possible with the Premium model, which has a load capacity of at least 200 kg/m² thanks to an additional mechanical locking system. The premium version is also equipped with a PLC control and can be monitored remotely.
Both types are suitable for a multitude of swimming pools. The floors can be integrated without any problem in skimmer, overflow and underflow pools with, for the time being, a maximum surface area of 100 m². This does not only concern concrete swimming pools, but also, for example, prefabricated pools in polypropylene or stainless steel. Free shapes can also be covered. In the end, each floor is completely custom-made, with a finishing of your choice and, if desired, the floor can be provided with an integrated staircase.