The cover is installed in a space at the back of the Spa. In order to favour the aesthetical integration, the finishing is adjustable to its environment (stone, tiles, wood…). The cover is driven by a key switch during the whole operation. The functioning is simple: an hydraulic mechanism is driving the winding shaft. The cover is running through two tracks what assures a perfect maintenance. Its composition is a reinforced membrane welded on an isothermal textile, which will limit the loss of heat and preserve the neatness of the Spa.

The mechanism is made of stainless steel and consists of a hydraulic mechanism, a roll-up axe in aluminium and a support for the axe.

The mechanism can be adjusted to niches of 35 to 42cm wide.

The manual version consists of two gearboxes that are driven by a crank or electric screwdriver for smaller pools.

The hydraulic version is advisable for larger surfaces. In this version the hydraulic mechanism is linked to a hydraulic pump unit (hydraulic pump) which is placed in a technical room.