The RollOver is a high-end automatic cover for above ground and integrated spas. After multiple years of in-house engineering and different designs a unique solution on the market is the result: the RollOver!

The cover unrolls automatically using no ropes nor rails, making it very easy to install. This simple approach also means it adapts to virtually every model of spa on the market today.

The RollOver puts the cover on the spa without shifting the slats. This way it avoids scratching the edge of the spa. To make this possible, T&A had to develop a unique drivetrain now widely patented.




The RollOver uses slats with significant advantages over other covers frequently delivered with spas. The base of the slat is made from silicone rubber and thus water-repellent. This means algae get no chance to grow on the bottom of our cover. 


MULTIPLE MODELS in development


The RollOver is installed on a table next to the spa. Made to size, this table holds the cover when the spa is in use and stores your towels.


A lift is integrated in a cabinet next to the spa: when rolled up, the RollOver sinks away into the cabinet thus hiding the cover completely. This solution is more aesthetically pleasing, and allows for a 360° view when sitting in the spa.


A truly premium experience. The RollOver is built into an adjacent wall: an automatic lid opens to reveal the cover and closes to stow it invisibly when not in use.


We limit the sales of this product to the spa professional. The cover cannot be used at sub-zero temperatures.